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(DF) Items are listed are 100% dairy free.

Pies (Organic)


– Apple Lattice
– Apple Double Crust (DF)
– Apple Cranberry Crumb (VG)
– Pumpkin (DF) (VG)


$10 (for 6)

– Chocolate Chip & Chunk (DF)
– Oatmeal Raisin
– Oatmeal Cranberry (DF)


$3 (min. 4 each)

– Apple Crumb
– Blueberry
– Pumpkin Coconut (DF)
– Pumpkin Struesel (DF)

Rolls / Bread

$10 (4 rolls) $14 (loaf)

– Dinner Roll (DF)
– Farm Sandwich Roll (DF)


$10 per/10 Oz.

Dairy Free (DF)

Seasonal Loaves

$10 (mini)
$25 (full)

– Pumpkin Coconut (DF)
– Pumpkin Struesel (DF)
– Apple Struesel (DF)

Whoopie Pies

$6 Large (min. 3)

– Chocolate & Vanilla Cream
– Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream (DF)

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